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Home of Taiji Horsemanship and Lizzy Traband.

For as long as I can remember …..my love for horses has consumed my thoughts…..my daughter Lizzy seems to have inherited this love of horses.  I would consider my involvement with horses over the years to be the single most influential activity in my life.  My interaction with these wonderful animals has taught me many of life’s most important lessons……kindness, patience, tenacity, the value of a good work ethic, the setting and achievement of goals….I could go on and on.  In addition, my involvement with the horses has opened doors for some of my greatest life experiences and wonderful relationships with remarkable people….everything from riding in the Cotswold’s of England to traveling the countryside of Germany to driving up a desolate dirt road in Costa Rico with good friend Elizabeth Solter.    Located only 15 minutes from downtown State College, Carousel Farm is a 105 acre facility offering a 20 stall show barn, 9 stall show barn, 160 X 320 outdoor lighted ring with sand and rubber footing, a large indoor arena with rubber footing, a beautiful jump course, round pen grass trails for conditioning and excellent pasture (17 pasture & turnout areas).

As we learn every day from the animals and the wonderful trainers that we have had the opportunity to work with over the years, we try to use what we have learned to help others to more to thoroughly enjoy their horses.

For more information on any Carousel Farm activities contact Annette Traband 814-574-1880.

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Annette Traband, owner and trainer at Carousel Farm, LLC


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Exceptional riding and training isn’t just about riding, it is about everything that goes into it….the care, the footing, the management of the horse, the conditioning, the feed program, the turnout, the training schedule, etc.  To really “master the art of riding”  you need to seek an immersion experience.  Immersion instruction is based on extensive exposure to surroundings or conditions that are native or pertinent to the object of study.

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For more information on our internship program or to apply to the program, contact Annette at 814-574-1880

Our History


In 1990….the Traband family purchased 8.8 acres in Tusseyville, PA.  After three years of construction of a home, fence, a barn and ring….Carousel Farm, LLC officially opened for business at its first location in Tusseyville, PA in 1993.

In 1998 the Traband family sold the Tusseyville property and purchased a 105 acre tract of land in Centre Hall, PA and relocated the business to its current location.  Over time a 20 stall and 9 stall show barn were built.  A beautiful, large lighted exterior ring was constructed, as well as a large indoor ring, warehouse, equipment storage, lounge, office and tool room.  The current farm has over 50 acres of pasture.

Lizzy Traband had a dream….”that every horse was loved as much as she loved her horses”.  She was then given a the gift of a Ying Yan (also called Taijitu) necklace from Tommie Turvey.  Taiji means obtaining your supreme ultimate through perfect balance and harmony.  The realization of this dream began on March 28, 2009 with Lizzy’s founding of Taiji Horsemanship.

About Us

Carousel Farm is a 105 acre private high amenity equestrian training facility located 10 minutes to Penn State University. Carousel Farm is in beautiful setting and offers high quality instruction and training services. For more information on Carousel Farm, LLC and any of its programs or services or to schedule an appointment to discuss your boarding and training needs, contact Annette at 814-574-1880. Thank you for visiting our site!