Farm Amenities

The air of heaven is that which blows between a horses ears.

General Farm Amenities

  •  – Carousel Farm LLC is a 105 acre facility high amenity training facility designed with “the horses” in mind.
  • – Carousel Farm is a very horse friendly facility.  Horses “thrive” at our farm.
  • – The stalls have dutch door, the pasture are green and extensive.
  • – There are many options available for training including, indoor, outdoor, jump field, round pen and fields and hills for riding.
  • – The environment at the farm is peaceful and horse friendly.  The horses are happy and relaxed.  Most of our horses sleep each day after their nighttime turnout in the summer and daytime turnout in the winter.
  • – Carousel Farm is a beautifully landscaped facility, that IS MAINTAINED for the enjoyment of the clients and horses in residence!

Barn Amenities:

  • – 20 stall show stable
  • – 9 stall show barn
  • – All stalls are 12×12 and matted with top 4×4 Dutchdoors, and automatic heated waterer’s
  • – Wash stall has hot and cold water available and is located to the interior of the stall to minimize drafts
  • – Barn were newly constructed in 1998 & 2006


  • – 21 pastures for turnout 
  • – Turnouts ranges in size from .5 acre to 11 acres.
  • – Horses can be turned alone or with suitable companion
  • – Four with turnout sheds
  • – Most fields have automatic waterers
  • – Pastures are mowed, sprayed for weeds and fertilized for sustainable quality grass/forage!


  • – All safe fencing -­ no high tensile
  • – Well maintained pastures (planted in pasture mixes, fertilized annually, mowed as is needed, 1-2 horses per pasture / turnout)
  • – All pastures have a 30ft + area to the outside for riding and conditioning horses
  • – Automatic heated waterers to every field


  • – 4 arenas/workspage/riding options – outdoor, indoor, jump field, round pen, mow field perimeters around 105 acres farm with excellent hills for conditioning
  • – White metal halide lights. The arena has side curtains to permit ventilation on warmer days.
  • – The outside arena is 150 x 325 with sand and rubber on a clay base.
  • – The farm owns and makes available a full set of hunter/jumper show jumps, as well as a set of schooling jumps.
  • – Both rings are periodically dragged to keep the surfaces premium for riding.
  • – Materials have been set aside for construction of a cross country course

Heated Tack Room

  • – Nicely finished and heated.
  • – Equipped with microwave, bathroom and refrigerator for beverages, – medications, lunches and pharmaceuticals storage.
  • – Desk space for working

Heated Lounge

  • – Large 24×24 fully finished lounges off of the indoor
  • – Big screen TV for viewing riding videos
  • – Fully Heated for cold winters days
  • – Fireplace
  • – Fully furnished
  • – Great space for getting warm in the winter, observing riding in the indoor, finishing homework or just chilling with friends!

About Us

Carousel Farm is a 105 acre private high amenity equestrian training facility located 10 minutes to Penn State University. Carousel Farm is in beautiful setting and offers high quality instruction and training services. For more information on Carousel Farm, LLC and any of its programs or services or to schedule an appointment to discuss your boarding and training needs, contact Annette at 814-574-1880. Thank you for visiting our site!