At Carousel Farm…it is all about the horses!

Each and every day I am the best I can be, so my horses can be the best they can be!  Lizzy Traband

Carousel Farm LLC is a 105 acre facility high amenity training facility designed with “the horses” in mind.  Carousel Farm is a very horse friendly facility.  Carousel Farm is a beautifully landscaped facility, that IS MAINTAINED.  Horses “thrive” at our farm. The stalls have dutch doors, so they can enjoy the view and fresh air.  The pastures are green and extensive. There are many options available for training including an indoor riding arena, outdoor ring with al weather footing, jump field, round pen and extensive  fields and hills for riding.  The environment at the farm is peaceful and horse friendly.  The horses are happy and relaxed.   We want Carousel Farm to be an environment, where our clients and horses can relax and enjoy!

Why Choose Us

Beautiful Environment & Setting
with commitment to on-going maintenance

We work hard to provide a beautiful facility that can be enjoyed by all.  We are constantly working to keep the facility neat, clean and safe.  Pastures are maintained. ring surfaces groomed and buildings and equipment in good repair!

Backed by Experience
with commitment to on-going education

We take advantage of every opportunity to work with the best trainers in the country and observe the operations of other top farms.  We are always look to sharpen our training tools and improve our operations.

High Quality Care
with excellent pastures and feeding program!

Horse at Carousel Farm get excellent turnout, are liberally fed good feed and high quality hay and are handled every day by our staff.

Excellent Training & Learning Opportunities
for the horse and rider!

At Carousel Farm, we have start many youngsters and have performed and competed nationally and internationally.  We have trained top level horses in a broad range of disciplines and at top national and international levels of performance and competition.


Carousel Farm is a Top National Training Facility

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACarousel Farm is a top national training facility.  We focus on quality versus quantity.  We cater to clients that want top quality care for their horses and are seeking a high quality riding and training experience.  We work with ALL levels of horses and riders with a very wide variety of goals…from learning to ride, showing at top national competitions…. to learning how to ride bridleless or get their horse to perform some basic tricks.  Our only requirements for the clients we work with is that they are committed to always doing what is best for the horse that they respect and appreciate the level of time and commitment that has been invested at Carousel Farm to be able to provide the high quality level of care and training that we offer!

The following services are offered at Carousel Farm:


About Us

Carousel Farm is a 105 acre private high amenity equestrian training facility located 10 minutes to Penn State University. Carousel Farm is in beautiful setting and offers high quality instruction and training services. For more information on Carousel Farm, LLC and any of its programs or services or to schedule an appointment to discuss your boarding and training needs, contact Annette at 814-574-1880. Thank you for visiting our site!