Lizzy Traband, Head Trainer, Competitor, National Clinician and Performer

Inspire, educate, and entertain…this is what I love to do with my very much loved animals!  Hi, I am Lizzy.  I have been around horses all of my life.  I was born and raised on my family horse farm.   I like to compete in the hunters and jumpers, perform, teach, and train horses and ponies. Showing the jumpers is my passion!  For quite a few years….I was a headliner in “Tommie Turvey’s Night of Amazing Horses…doing bridleless jumping routines choreographed to music, roman riding, hippodrome riding and trick riding.


Riding horses for me is about ……learning everything that they have to teach me and being the very best I can be for them.  I have completely embraced the amazing journey that they are taking me on! Being born with only one hand, they have taught me to problem solve and think. I have had to embrace the role that balance and communication play in the training and riding of my horses, which has been a blessing in disguise! I hug my horses every day and thank them!

I love to teach and have been blessed with the opportunity to teach and perform at some of the biggest horse events around the country.  Taiji means achieving “The Supreme Ultimate as a result of Perfect Balance and Harmony” I enjoy helping others to find their balance and embrace and discover their own “Supreme Ultimate”….whatever that may be! Imagine a world in perfect balance and harmony….with every person and horse living “their supreme ultimate”……Wouldn’t that be an amazing world!   Lizzy


About Us

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